Payment Options

At London Basement pumps our transparent pricing policy and payment methods have been set out simply for ease of our clients,. Our service engineers will show a clear breakdown of all materials and fixed hourly labour costs and a comprehensive detailed description of the works carried out.London Basement Pumps

We accept:

Cash payments - which can be made directly to our service engineers upon generation of our invoice.

BACs Electronic Banking - These payments can be made electronically from your Bank account.

Credit/Debit Cards - We accept most Credit/Debit cards, our Service engineers carry portable chip and pin machines.

Account Customers - We welcome all account customers, subject to our terms upon request.

As a company we do not charge a travel surcharge for any  service or emergency on call  options. Contact us if you have any questions.  Freephone 0800 009 2120 and speak to a member of our team.


Pump Servicing Rate Card 2022

Contact our team, on all our pump service options. Our rates often change to present offers for our clients.

Basement Pump Servicing Offer 2022 From £179.00 plus VAT


London Basement Pumps

Servicing - Maintenance - Breakdown
* Expert Pump Engineers
* Basement Sumps and Pumps
* Packaged Pump Systems
* Submersible Pumps
* Sewage Pump repairs
* Grey Water Pumps
* Battery Back up Systems
* Sump Chambers
* High Water Sump Alarms
* Pump Repairs
* Pump Telemetry Monitoring
* Tank Hygiene Cleaning
* Full Project Design
* Booster set servicing
* Legionella Testing   
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