Payment Options

At London Basement pumps our transparent pricing policy and payment methods have been set out simply for ease of our clients,. Our service engineers will show a clear breakdown of all materials and fixed hourly labour costs and a comprehensive detailed description of the works carried out.London Basement Pumps

We accept:

Cash payments - which can be made directly to our service engineers upon generation of our invoice.

BACs Electronic Banking - These payments can be made electronically from your Bank account.

Credit/Debit Cards - We accept most Credit/Debit cards, our Service engineers carry portable chip and pin machines.

Account Customers - We welcome all account customers, subject to our terms upon request.

As a company we do not charge a surcharge for any secure service options, so, do contact us if you have any questions or Freephone 0800 009 2120 and speak to a member of our team.

London Basement Pumps Pricing Policy

24 Hr Emergency Pump Response Rate Card 2018

7 AM to 7 PM: £199.00 hour one. Additional hours on site, £ 88.00*

7 PM to 7 AM: £289.00 hour One. Additional hours on site, £128.00*

Weekends and Bank Holidays. £289.00 hour One. Additional hours on site, £128.00*

* All Additional Hours Are Charged At 30 Minute Intervals

A High Percentage Of Our Pump Emergencies Are Resolved Within One Hour.

Sewage/Wastewater Tanker Extraction Quotation's Available Upon Request.

Basement Pump Servicing Offer Rate Card 2018.

Pump Servicing. Up To A Dual Groundwater Pump Station, £179.00

Pump Servicing. Up To A Dual Sewage/Foul Pump Station, £229.00

A further 20% discount applies for both groundwater & foul pump stations within a residential basement dwelling.

All Adoptable/ Commercial Pump Station Quotation's Are Available Upon Request.

All Prices Quoted Are excluding VAT

London Basement Pumps

Supplied - Installed - Maintained
* Expert Pump Engineers
* Basement Sumps and Pumps
* Packaged Pump Systems
* Submersible Pumps
* Sewage Pumps
* Grey Water Pumps
* Evacuation Lift Pit Pumps
* Battery Back up Systems
* Sump Chambers
* High Water Sump Alarms
* Pump Repairs
* Pump Telemetry Monitoring
* Wifi Enabled Pump Monitoring
* Full Project Design
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