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description of the imageBasement Pump Servicing, Hamstead, London, NW3

Our service visit at this property was a first for our client. We was instructed to attend from some damp patches appearing on the basement walls. The clients basement was constructed back in 2014, a service agreement was never opted for because the company ceased trading.

Upon further investigation it was evident that the pumps and cavity drainage system has suffered a severe build up of limescale, this had caused a failure of the basement cavity drainage system. Our engineers use several methods to descale the system from jetting the drainage channel and flushing with limescale additives. achieving excellent results. Finally the sumps and pumps were flushed and cleaned and a quick camera survey was undertaken. The basement waterproofing system is now back operating as per its design and our client has opted for a yearly basement pump servicing agreement.


Storm-water pump station City Road, London, EC2

description of the imageOur instruction was clear. For London Basement Pumps to investigate the failure of the existing pump station over a weekend period of rain.

We received a call requesting our 24 hour pump emergency service on a gloomy Monday morning. The lower store area had flooded and pump alarms were sounding. We were able to attend site within an hour and investigate the cause. It had become apparent that the existing storm-water pump station had failed over the weekend. Although we could repair the pump motors our client took the decision to opt for a new pump station installation.

A quotation was presented to our client within 2 hours which enabled our team to start the removal of the old system right way.

Whilst our team undertook the dismantling works our contracts team had ordered the new equipment and arranged within minutes for the new kit to be delivered to site.

A tankering service was appointed for our client to enable with swift removal of surface water within the storage area. Finally after 13 hours from taking the call the new system was up and running.

This particular job was a challenge for us, but we undertook this as we do every job by building long term relationships with our clients. We have now installed a pump telemetry integration system to this application together with regular maintenance scheduling.

Our client will now have years of stress free pumping.


Sewage/Foul Pump Issue. Saint Georges Hill Estate, Weybridge, Surrey.

It is rare for our Pump Telemetry integration system to flag an alert in the middle of summer. The alert had shown that the pumps were running, but the water level were increasing too.

We took the decision to contact the client to arrange for an engineers visit urgently. Our client was unaware that the system was faulty and arranged for a key-holder for London Basement Pumps to access the property.

This particular property is in excess of ten million pounds, so speed to rectify the issue was a key element for us.

We attended the property within the hour, once inside it became apparent that the new house-keeper had inadvertently placed wet wipes into the toilet. Wipes and other sanitary items are a common cause of call outs for London Basement Pumps. Ultimately, these are in fact not disposable. Local water authority companies are working with Government agencies to ban these items being flushed into the sewer systems.

The pumps were removed from the sump chamber and dismantled. The offending items were removed and further tests were undertaken to ascertain no long lasting damage to the equipment. Furthermore all the waste pipes were checked for any further wet wipes.

London Basement Pumps London Basement Pumps London Basement Pumps

Lastly, the pumps were tested for any highs or low electrical resistance, this test would define any long lasting damage to the pumping equipment. The pumps were reinstalled into the pumping station and commissioned for handed over back to the client.

Finally after a few test runs the system was back performing as per its design. We provided the house-keeper with a educational leaflet on the importance of only flushing disposable items into the pumping system.

Our Telemetry integration system now play an important role in protecting some basement investments. for further information on all our systems why not contact us on 0800 009 21 20 and speak to a member of our team.

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