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Its important you feel secure in the pump service provider you have chosen! We feel assured, and this is reflected in our customer experience, reviews and industry accreditations. 

London Basement Pumps was formed to offer our customers a cost effective solution of pump servicing and pump maintenance. Our experience of service has been crafted to ensure full protection of your property from flooding. All our existing 1200 service clients have the added benefit of our 24 hour reactive response service during the annual life of your next pump service. Ensuring ALL our clients have the assurance of a fast response in any emergency for a minimal cost 24/7

Our  pump service option's are also available on a NON contractual basis, giving the customer a transparent solution to pump servicing.

A full on pump service of your pumping equipment is exactly what you will receive!  No upsell of deep cleaning of tanks, moving items of furniture. All our service teams operate in pairs.   

Our annual residential pump service "offer" has been running for six years. So - if your property has more than one pumping station, you automatically receive a 20% discount.

Our "customer for Life Motto " will always stand out in the industry we serve, So why not become one of our many satisfied customers Today!!

Basement pump servicing

We welcome you to view all our basement pump service options of residential basement pump servicing, sump pumps, cellar sump pumps, drainage pumps, submersible pumps, foul water or groundwater pumping systems.  








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