I have a foul smell in my basement

Basement properties in London are constructed using stringent guideline's and regulation's. Mechanical ventilation is often applied to achieve excellent air change's, providing the homeowner with exceptional air quality below ground.

Often, we are requested to investigate foul smell's or odours in a basement property, furthermore the smell is more powerful when say, toilets are flushed or an appliances is in use such as dishwashers and washing machines.

Your basement is a below ground structure, often constructed below the gravity fall of the sewer system. Sewage and waste-water is often required to be pumped. It is firstly drained to a sump tank or sump chamber and held or collected, once the sump tank capacity increases a pump will activate to push the fluids back into the sewer system via a discharge pipe.

A foul or waste water sump chamber ideally should be vented to outside the property, this is to reduce air pressure or air locks within the sump tank. Often, a simple vent design is overlooked at construction stage, allowing foul air to build up within the sump tank. The sump tank chamber lid has the potential to act as the vent allowing for the foul air to release into the dwelling.

This simple flaw can often be missed, causing concerns for any homeowner or occupant.

At London Basement Pumps we provide several solutions to combat foul smells and odour issues within your basement. From the installation of retro fitted air vent pipes to air admittance valves or even a double seal chamber lid if thats whats required.

We have years of experience resolving these types of scenarios, maintaining a healthy and happy basement home.

Why not contact us to find out more or freephone 0800 009 21 20 to speak to a member of our team.

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