Pump telemetry and monitoring systems

Pump Telemetry and Monitoring, what is it?London Basement Pumps

Its simple really. A telemetry system can provide a early warning system informing you of a fault with your pump station. As a company we often find a large number of our emergency response calls are from failed pump systems, often this has led to flooding of a property and furthermore a large expense or insurance claim to our client.

The benefit of pump telemetry and monitoring is that these systems will detect an inbalance of the pumps, monitoring start up electrical currents and winding electrical readings and early rising water level. Most systems can be linked to your wifi giving you data in real time and of course alerting an engineer 24 hours a day long before any breach or flooding of any property.

Telemetry systems are a proven system and have been around for years, the security industry have been using such type systems for decades.

London Basement Pumps are telemetry and monitoring installers providing the best solution for your pump station project. Some of our systems start form as little as £449.00 which in the scheme of things is half the price of say..a tankering lorry to remove sewage from your basement if the pumps have breached.

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