5 Signs you should invest in a new basement pump

As a home or business owner, it’s important to ensure that your property is kept safe from water damage. Damage can be caused by a number of factors such as heavy rainfall or an ageing building and water ingress can be dangerous and costly to fix. Luckily, the damage can be prevented by using a basement sump pump to remove water and help keep the lower areas of a building dry.

The question is, when is it time to invest in a new basement pump?

Here are 5 signs that it might be time to invest in a new basement pump to protect your property.

There are increasing signs of damp and water ingress

If you are starting to see water enter your basement and large areas of damp either in the basement or the surrounding area then it could be only a matter of time before larger amounts of water start to enter the basement. In these circumstances, it might only take a few days of heavy rainfall or even snow to create a surplus amount of water in the building.

If you are worried about increasing amounts of damp and water entering your building, contact London Basement Pumps. We will be happy to do a quick site visit to see what can be done. Click here  to view our  pump installation service for London and its surrounding regions.

Previous history of basement flooding

If your building has been flooded before then it’s very likely it will be flooded again. Even if repairs have been done, it’s worth considering installing a basement pump as a backup. Chronic or severe flooding is an indicator that groundwater may return as it easily finds its way through cracks and any other gaps in the foundation of the building.

Your current basement pump is over 5 years old

Pumps become less effective over time and it might be that your current pump is noisy, ineffective and costly to run compared to modern new pumps. How long a pump lasts, depends on how well it has been maintained and how much it has been used, but if your pump is over 5 years old then we recommend considering your options to see if it’s worth investing in a new pump.

If you are unsure how old your pump is or if it should be replaced then contact us here at London Basement Pumps. or click here to view our basement pump servicing page on our website on tips of servicing & maintenance.

You have valuables that you must protect

If your basement contains valuables or items that must be kept dry then extra precautions are necessary to protect them, and this might include the use of a basement pump to keep the area as dry as possible.

If you can, we also advise keeping valuables high up and away from the floor, on shelves for example. They should also be stored or sealed in containers. This is so that if there is any flooding then valuables will not come into immediate contact with water.


The ground area is prone to flooding

If you live near a large water mass such as a river or lake then the area is most likely prone to flooding during the winter months. You might think that it’s ok as you have never been impacted in the past but the chances of experiencing flooding are increasing. Global warming is impacting the weather more - and we are seeing increasing amounts of rainwater and areas being flooded for the first time in recent history.

Any doubts or questions? Get in touch.

If you have any questions about the benefits of a basement pump or how they work you can click here. We have a team of professionals with many years of experience helping our customers keep their basements dry so that their valuables and their property are protected!

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