Basement structures and waterproofing

Tips for protecting your basement

At London Basement Pumps, we specialise in keeping basements dry and clear of water (whatever the circumstances) with our industry-grade basement pumps but as well as using high-quality pumps, there are other things you can do to further protect your basement from water damage. Here are some tips to consider.

Waterproofing your basement

How good is your waterproofing? By having the right waterproofing in your basement, you can protect the structure of the basement and the entire building. Waterproof lining installed correctly reduces the risk of flooding as well as preventing water ingress from reaching vulnerable areas.

It’s important to review your waterproofing and check that it’s not damaged and is working correctly. If you have made any structural changes recently to the building that impact the basement or the surrounding area, then it might be necessary to review what waterproofing you have. It may be that the waterproofing you have no longer meets your requirements or is damaged.

General repairs for basement structures

Basement structures, like any structure, are prone to deteriorating over time which can lead to increase water or dampness entering. There can be several reasons for this such as harsh winters and extreme weather conditions or just general wear and tear.

Inspect your basement structure regularly to find any signs or clues of damage and make any repairs necessary. You might be able to perform some repairs relatively quickly such as fixing possible leaks while some repairs such as addressing any damage to walls or floors could require more effort.

Layout review

In some circumstances, it might be more effective to make bigger changes to the layout or design of the basement with newer, more modern insulation and waterproofing. This is especially the case in older buildings or in basements that have experienced flooding in the past.

A retrofit might be more expensive in the short-term but could be inevitable or could save money in the long-term.

Other tools for complimenting basement pumps

Basement pumps are crucial to removing water from a basement but it’s also worth considering devices such as dehumidifiers or dryer vents to keep the environment dry and free from damp and water-based bacteria. If you are using the basement for storing important items such as paperwork or food, then industrial air conditioning units should also be used to keep the area at the right temperature and humidity.

Need professional advice?

For help installing and maintaining basement pumps, give us a call today on 0800 009 2120. We also work closely with other companies who can help ensure that your basement structure and waterproofing is at the standard you expect.

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Remember that basement pump maintenance is important for keeping low lying and other areas dry and having a breakdown during flooding can be catastrophic. At London Basement Pumps, we offer full support including regular checks and ongoing reports, advising the condition of your current set up and recommendations for how long we expect the current pump system to last.

If you would like to know more about the services and support that we provide, get in touch with our basement pump engineers for a free initial consultation.

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