Pump servicing and maintenance - Things to consider

Having a fully functioning pump system is critical to avoiding floods and the resulting damage to building infrastructure and inventory that you might have stored in the area.

London Basement Pumps Limited are London's only premier sump and pump specialists, we help customers ensure that their pumps are working to maximum efficiency and for as long as possible. Here are some great tips for looking after your pump so that it performs as you need it to - when you need it to. 

Annual check-ups

It's strongly recommended that pumps are checked annually to ensure that they are working OK. If your pump is in a high-risk environment or where potential damage could be very costly then having the equipment checked out more frequently than once a year is advised.

Regular check-ups also help to diagnose potential problems before they occur, avoiding the risk of higher costs due to flooding or water ingress when a pump system isn’t working as it should do.

Power checks

It’s also important to ensure power is working properly to the pumps as any power outages could be costly.  Make sure to include this as part of any annual checks that are done.

Test your basement pump equipment regularly

Checking connections and making sure that the pump is working well on a weekly basis helps to identify any potential vulnerabilities, especially as the pump system ages over time. This shouldn’t take a lot of time and if you would like advice on what to check then get in touch with our basement pump engineers. We would be happy to provide advice. Call us FREE on 0800 009 21 20

Have a service contract

There are many benefits to having a service contract with a professional company such as London Basement Pumps. Having a professional pump technician check your pump annually means potential issues are more likely to be spotted and fixed before they fail and in the unfortunate event that a pump fails, you can be confident you will get the quickest and best service possible to address the situation!



Extreme weather checks

During periods of heavy rain downfall, flash floods or during very cold winters, it's worth doing an extra test to check your equipment hasn’t been damaged - especially since basement areas are generally cooler as well as being more damp.

Check pipes thoroughly for any signs of frozen water which could cause damage to pipes as well as other components.

Capacity checks

If you’ve had a pump system for a few years, you may find that its capacity has reduced (in other words, it isn’t as effective and can’t remove as much water as it used to be able to). Added to this, your requirements may have changed due to a number of reasons such as structural change. It’s important to check and ensure that your current pump system is able to cope with emergency situations where a higher than normal amount of water ingress occurs.

Weigh up the cost of maintaining old pump equipment

Properly installed quality pumps that are checked regularly will more likely last longer but even a well-maintained pump will eventually degrade and come to the end of its natural life.

Wear and tear will also have an effect on your pump system, resulting in it running less efficiently than it should be. In turn, this increases the chance of pump failure which can lead to high repair costs and possible damage to property.

Unfortunately, since the older a pump gets, the more likely it is going to fail and new parts are needed, it's worth weighing up the cost of buying a new pump system compared to the cost of fixing it on a more frequent basis.

The costs caused by having a pump not working also need to be included such as cleaning up after water damage has occurred and any repairs to infrastructure or fixtures and fittings. Whilst it’s hard to know if this will happen, the risks with an older pump will be much higher and will continue to grow over time.

Give London Basement Pumps a call today

Pump maintenance is important for keeping low lying and other areas dry and having a breakdown during flooding can be catastrophic. At London Basement Pumps, we offer full support including regular checks and ongoing reports, advising the condition of your current set up and recommendations for how long we expect the current pump system to last.

If you would like to know more about the services and support that we provide, get in touch with our basement pump engineers for a free initial consultation.

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