Packaged pump systems

What are packaged pump systems and why would I need one?

Water flooding in a basement or any other low-lying area can cause considerable damage and be costly - both in terms of money and emotionally! If you have ever experienced a flood, you will know very well how much damage excess water can do. Here are just a few of the issues caused by excessive water:

  • Structural property damage
  • Loss or damage to personal possessions
  • Upset and stress from the loss of items that are very personal to you
  • Expenses from repairs and lost items
  • Hassle and time spent claiming back for items and undertaking repairs or refurbishments

In many instances, damage can be done to valuable items if there is a constant amount of excessive water. It doesn’t have to be a flood. Low lying water creates damp and increases the risk of unwanted bacteria and mould which can impact the infrastructure of the property as well as anything that is kept or stored.

This is especially of concern if your business stores items such as food or important documents that need to be kept in a dry, controlled environment.

The damage due to basement flooding not only undermines the structure of a property but it also has a negative health impact with mould spores that can affect the human respiratory system.

Package pump systems: What are they?

Having a packaged pump system provide the highest level of drainage for areas that need to be kept dry. They allow you to dramatically reduce the risk of water damage by moving excess water out of the basement and any storage areas to higher ground.

There are various types of pumping stations including groundwater, stormwater and sewage pumps. At London Basement Pumps, we are able to advise you of the best solution depending on your needs.

Who needs a pump system?

Packaged pump systems can be used in many environments where water needs to be removed from lower ground. They are also perfect for the following businesses:

  • Restaurants and pubs
  • Hotels
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Sports and leisure centres
  • Commercial properties and offices
  • Industrial business parks
  • Sports grounds and golf clubs
  • Shopping centres and supermarkets
  • Harbours and dock drainage
  • Airports
  • Housing developments

Packaged pump system installation

In order to be effective, it’s important to have the right packaged pump system for your business. At London Basement Pumps we offer a complete solution starting with a site survey and recommendations for the best way to keep your business protected from excessive water.

Ongoing maintenance

Pump maintenance is important to ensuring areas are kept dry and having a breakdown during flooding can be catastrophic. At London Basemen Pumps, we offer full support including regular checks and ongoing reports, advising the condition of your current set up and recommendations for how long we expect the current pump system to last.

If you would like to know more about the services and support that we provide, get in touch with our packaged pump system engineers for a free initial consultation.


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