My basement flooded

In previous articles, we have talked about the damage to fixtures, fittings and other valuable items when a basement is flooded but more equally (and in many ways more importantly!), damage to the structure of a building can cause some real issues!

Avoid the pain of basement flash flooding with these simple steps

At London Basement Pumps, we provide quality reliable basement water pumps to various properties including terraced properties (of all sizes) in and around London. Climate changes has led to far greater rainfalls in shorter periods in London, leaving sewers overwhelmed and property owners at risk.

Did you know that not having a basement pump can lead to a considerable build-up of water in the basement, especially when flooding occurs. Excess water will always find it’s way into any gaps and cracks in the structure of a building and if left for too long will result in damage to the structure of the building.

Structural damage to buildings that have flooded

Water ingress can cause rotting brickwork, mould and possible decay to the structure and can lead to considerable repair costs. In some circumstances, it can even lead to damage which cannot be repaired.

Not only does excessive water mean that a basement can smell awful and increase the risk of carrying unwanted health risks from damp and mould bacteria but it can also lead to the basement structure not being fit to support the property.

Here are some further examples of what damage might occur:

  • Damp plasterwork
  • Discoloured surfaces
  • Peeling paint and plasterwork
  • Possible increased heat loss and insulation damage
  • Crumbling brickwork

If severe structural damage is caused then it might be necessary to move out of your home or office while costly repairs are undertaken. In other words, as well as a financial burden there can also be a high emotional cost and a major inconvenience to not tackling excessive water in a basement.

Take action immediately!

The longer that low lying water is left, the greater the risk of structural damage to a building. If your property experiences flooding from a burst water pipe, flash flooding or for any other reason, give us a call straight away. In reality, this can and should be avoided. Even if you aren’t experiencing water leaks currently then we highly recommend having a water pump installed in your basement to avoid the high costs associated with structural damage.

Assessing the damage

If you have already suffered from flooding in your basement then it’s important to have someone assess the structure of your building to make sure that it’s safe. In many cases, the damage is cosmetic and simple but frustrating repairs can be done such as drying out the area fully and re-plastering or repainting. Nonetheless, it’s important to be - as the saying goes - ‘better safe than sorry’.

Having your building assessed will allow you to quickly put your mind at ease, safe in the knowledge that your property is OK to use.

Avoid the pain of basement flooding

There are various ways to help avoid flooding but no matter what you do, buildings (especially older ones) always carry the risk of excessive water building up in the basement.

At London Basement Pumps, we have years of proven experience helping our customers ensure that their basements are kept in the best condition possible by removing any excess water. Contact London Basement Pumps today FREE on 0800 009 21 20 to find out how you can be protected by having a basement pump installed.

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