Packaged Pump Systems

At London Basement Pumps, we specialise in providing and installing packaged pump systems to help protect your property and keep your basement dry.

Do you need a packaged pump system?

If you have a basement that is prone to flooding or has any risk (no matter how small the risk) that water ingress could occur, then a packaged pumps system could be for you.

A package pumping station is an integrated system, designed to remove water from low lying areas such as basements. It is designed and built from sturdy materials such as polyethylene or glass-reinforced plastic to ensure it can perform under the harshest of conditions such as during winter and during times when there is likely to be high levels of damp.

The packaged pump system is supplied with internal pipework to suck up and extract excess water. Piping is also included, pre-assembled and ready for installation into the ground. All packaged sump tanks are suitable for gardens rooms and garden home office with use of toilet or kitchen facilities.

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Packaged pump systems include a modern, highly effective pump with features such as easy to operate controls, automatic operation and warning lights to indicate if the pump is faulty in any way. Other features might include a guiderail, auto-coupling or pedestal system to permit easy removal of pumps for maintenance. Routine basement pump maintenance is advised for all types of pumping systems. Click here for information and prices for our National maintenance packages. 

At London Basement Pumps, we can provide recommendations for which packaged pump system is best for your property. We can also help with installation and ongoing maintenance to ensure that your basement water pump is working effectively when you need it to.

A package pump system provides an efficient way of installing a drainage system and compared to traditional basement pumps they can be much more cost-effective and quicker to install and use.

Where do I install a packaged pump system?

Although the pipes will run from your basement to an outside location, the pump itself is typically located in the basement where the flooding or excess water is likely to appear. There are various types of pumps, but floor-mounted pumps are best for basements.

When using a professional pump installation company such as London Basement Pumps, you will be given guidance on where the pump and associated pipes should be installed.

When should I buy a packaged pump system?

Pump systems can be used any time of the year although they are more frequently required during the winter months when water pipes are likely to freeze and burst or the property is more prone to damage from the cold weather.

We don’t recommend waiting for an issue to arise before buying a packaged pump system.

Preventative measures can avoid costly damage to belongings as well as structural damage to a property caused by a build-up of water in your property.

Avoid the pain of basement flooding

For more information on packaged pump systems, get in touch with London Basement Pumps today click here for a fast email response or  call FREE on 0800 009 21 20.

We have many years of experience advising on and installing packaged pump systems to homes and businesses Nationwide.

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