Servicing Basement sumps and Pumps

Servicing water pumps

Sump pump servicing can often play a key role in preventing a flood. A modern basement in a building often relies on a mechanical sump pump to pump away groundwater from the dwelling keeping the property dry. Pump servicing plays an important role in the working life of a pump and with all mechanical parts they often need servicing. That's where our London pump engineers can help you.

Lets take your car for instance? You will require an MOT and often an engine service almost every year? A car is a huge investment, so its important that you keep it up to scratch and mechanically sound to ensure its reliability.

Although a pump may not be a huge investment, chances are if it fails its likely to cause a flood and damage which could actually lead to a huge expense.

Our pump service includes checking oil or even replacing oil if that's what's needed, together with checking of impellers, seals,cables, moving parts and mechanical stains of primary motor windings. Then its onto cleaning? .. Limescale, debris, construction waste can all lead an early life of a pump, so it would be prudent to suggest that a clean and serviced pump can gives you years of fault free pumping.

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