The Importance Of Pump Maintenance

Keeping up to date with your pump maintenance program ensures some longevity to your pumping equipment. So how long are the intervals between each service?  This is a question often asked by our customers. This all depends in the risk. Consideration of risk includes flooding, limescale from surrounding  groundwater and the usage. 

Ideally, if you have a sump pump that is simply dewatering and is at no risk of limescale or blockages, then a recommendation of annual servicing can be opted! 

Should your sump pump be protecting a basement property - then the British standards recommendations are bi-annual servicing ( six months ) This is due to a basement property being at risk of flooding! Click here to for more interesting facts on our basement pump servicing page. Often this can also be extended should your sump pump design have an option of telemetry monitoring or WIFI enabled alarm monitoring.

Normally, a defective sump pump shall not be obvious untill it fails to operate and by then the potential risk of flooding can occur.

Commercial or combined residence pumping pumping stations are often assessed on there service intervals through there use or demand risk! Often bi-annual servicing or quarterly servicing is recommended for these applications. 

London Basement Pumps Limited are London's specialists in residential & commercial pump stations, catering for all types of pump servicing or pump maintenance. From our basement pump servicing options through to our commercial pump servicing options. Our full aftercare level of service, supports of 24 hour pump breakdown service division

Our comprehensive pump services include telemetry monitoring 24/7 for your sump pumps. We are certified installers of Sidewinder tech. An Wifi enabled system of monitoring your sump pumps via the AlertMaxx2 monitor. Contact our team today to speak to a member of our team..

Don't trust your pump servicing and maintenance to an untrained drainage contractor who will sell you a dream in return for a nightmare!! Always use an accredited Pump specialist. Contact the team at London Basement Pumps Limited  today...

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